Mechatronics EcoFlow Venturi Valve

The EcoFlow Venturi Airflow valve is a dedicated product engineered for environments that require critical airflow control. The valve is constructed to resist aggressive and corrosive chemicals and is manufactured from uPVC, fire retardant Polypropylene, Galvanized steel and series 300 stainless steels.

EcoFlow Venturi Airflow valve has an electronic control that can interface directly with the various ranges of EcoFlow Fume Hood and most buildings management control systems. The valve can also provide real time accurate flow rate and alarm feedback thus making it an exceptional choice for control systems of critical fume extraction equipment. EcoFlow Venturi Airflow valve is suitable for controlling and monitoring fume cupboard AS 2243.8 and EN 14175.

METU System

The Metu-System makes use of quick release and easy-to-fasten joints. This permits quick re-design or reconfiguration of exhaust installations when the need arises. As the exclusive distributor of Metu-System in Singapore and Malaysia, Linair has the extensive know-how on the installation and implementation of this system. Get additional information at the METU Website