FM-Approved ETFE-Coated Stainless Steel Ducts & Fittings

Our range of ETFE coated ducts, marketed under the brand name of CMT™ is endorsed by FM-Global (an international commercial and industrial property insurance and risk management organisation) due to our stringent quality control and commitment to deliver only the most premium products.

The CMT™ System is designed to deal with both flammable and non-flammable corrosive and toxic stream exhaust without the use of sprinklers. CMT™ is the composite of highly corrosive resistance ETFE bonded to the toughness of stainless steel. With the excellent chemical resistance, CMT™ provides the high impact strength, abrasion resistance and performance over a wide range of temperature from –50oF to +300oF (-66oC to +149oC)
CMT™ exhaust fume ducts are approved under Factory Mutual 4922 and meet the ASTM E84 requirements for smoke and flame generation. Thus, CMT™ offers users the most reliable and cost effective corrosive exhaust and fume duct solution for clean rooms, laboratories and bio-medical facilities. The benefits of CMT™ are;

Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Compared with PVC, PP and FRP, CMT™ has superior chemical resistance. ETFE is a very tough and abrasion-resistant material, virtually unaffected by all industrial chemicals. ETFE is resistant to alkalis, halogens, inorganic compounds and strong mineral acids.

Superior Reliability
CMT™ is made of tough stainless steel, which prevents damage from water, leaks, impact and chemical spills; even in the event of fire, CMT™ pipes & fittings will not burn, melt or collapse. It can protect the invaluable tooling and adjacent production areas.

Simple Installation
CMT™ standard pipe and fitting are available in any size. With the modular component design system, CMT™ can be custom designed to meet any special needs. Installation of CMT™ is easy and simple. It does not require grinding, sanding or welding for assembly at the site.

Cost Effective
CMT™ is the most corrosive resistant exhaust fume system and has been approved by Factory Mutual for use in smoke vapour systems without sprinklers. The use of CMT™ can eliminate the expense of buying, maintaining and installing sprinkler facilities. CMT™ is easy to clean and decontaminate. It does not have leakage problems. CMT™ can reduce the cost of insurance and loss of unscheduled interruptions by fire.

Galvanised / Stainless Steel Ductwork

Our high quality galvanised and stainless steel ductwork and accessories are suitable for less corrosive application such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems of commercial and industrial buildings. Our products are widely used in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and waste water treatment facilities.

Air-Tight Dampers (ATD)

We manufacture Isolation Dampers that are designed for effective shut-off and isolation of one or more tiers of filters in hazardous containment exhaust systems. In bio-hazardous environments, the dampers enable air filtration systems to be isolated for decontamination, or for filter changes. Our ATD can effectively seal off and control airflow in ducts and pipes and our ATD will be certified by VIPAC Engineers & Scientists Pte Ltd (NATA certified test lab) with the following standards: AMCA 500D / ASME N510 / AS1682.1


The Ecoflow Venturi Valve is a dedicated product engineered for Laboratory Critical Airflow Control Solutions.

The critical control in measurement make it suited to be used in Universities and Pharmaceutical Research Facilities and also Containment Laboratories which requires accurate flow control to maintain pressure integrity.

The valves integrate seamlessly with existing BMS, (Building Management Systems) electronic control interfaces directly with the Ecoflow range of Fumehood control systems and most Fumehood Controllers and BMS.

Real time accurate flow rate and alarm feedback makes this system an exceptional choice in the control of critical room pressurisation and also fume extraction equipment.


The Ecoflow Terminal unit are circular pressure-independent VAV and CAV air volume control terminals. They are specially designed for accurate flow control to maintain Thermal comfort within the occupied space.

The Terminal integrate seamlessly with most BMS (Building Management Systems)

Real time accurate flow measurement using probeless technology and alarm feedback makes this system an exceptional choice in the control of precision and quite air flow.


The Ecoflow VAV provides ultimate airflow control based on the venturi Effect principles. Differential pressure sensed via the venturi profile with be used to determined the airflow.

This eliminates the pressure of the conventional cross-flow or flow sensor within the air stream.Hence, causing minimal disturbance to the airstream and lesser foreign objects accumulation on the sensors with today’s energy conservation needs, The Ecoflow VAV minimums Energy wastage due to reduced static loss and low leakages.

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