Acesian, is a multi-disciplinary group providing one-stop environmental-solutions and integrated services to diverse industries including semiconductor, wastewater treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Acesian is also a leading building services and engineering solutions provider which specialises in the design, installation, testing and commissioning of Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) and Electrical Systems.

At Acesian, we believe in offering quality integrated environmental solutions and engineering expertise by capitalising on the seamless compatibility of our manufacturing, distribution and engineering arms. As a leading solutions provider, Linair is dedicated to create safe, clean and comfortable workspaces while preserving the nature and harmony of the customers’ businesses.  We strive to provide the best-customised turnkey solutions to meet with the ever increasing demands and expectations of our clients.


Our Accreditations:

Acesian Group’s Manufacturing Division

AJA ISO - 9001-2008 White CMT logo

ISO 9001:2008

CMTTMduckwork system | FM-Approval

Acesian Star (S) Pte Ltd – the Group’s Engineering Division

Acesian Star is registered with Building Construction Authority (BCA) and awarded the following financial grading.

Work Heads Desciption Financial Grade Tendering Limit
ME 01 Air-Condition ing, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works L6 Unlimited
ME 05 Electrical engineering L4 $6.5 million
ME 06 Fire Prevention & Protection System L2 $1.3 million
ME 11 Mechanical Engineering L1 $650,000
ME 15 Integrated Building Services L6 Unlimited


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ISO 9001:2008 OHSAS 18001:2007 BizSafe Star