About Us

Founded in Singapore in 1998, Acesian Partners Limited (“Acesian” or the “Company”, formerly known as Linair Technologies Limited) is a multi-disciplinary group serving as a one-stop provider of environmental solutions and integrated services to diverse industries including the semiconductor, wastewater treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. The Company was successfully listed on the SGX Sesdaq (now known as Catalist) in February 2005. In late 2015, we set up our latest business unit, Information Communication Technologies (“ICT”), dedicated to meeting the needs of the audio-visual industry and providing a one-stop solution to our contractors, consultants and customers, where our products range from simple video-conferencing solutions to large-scale command centres and integrated video wall set-ups.

The ACESIAN Group’s Core Businesses:

Manufacturing, Distribution and Services

Acesian has established a strong position in the duct manufacturing industry. Our manufacturing capability encompasses Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (“ETFE”) coated stainless steel ducts, uncoated stainless steel ducts, galvanised ducts and other specialised exhaust system components.

Acesian’s competitive advantage is our FM-approved status (an international commercial and industrial property insurance and risk management organisation) for production of ETFE-coated ducts. Our FM approved ETFE coated ducts, marketed under the brand name of CMT™ are highly corrosion resistant and designed to handle both flammable and non-flammable corrosive/toxic fumes in exhaust systems.

Our high quality galvanised and stainless steel ductwork and accessories are suitable for less corrosive applications such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

Acesian’s line of products is widely used in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and waste water treatment facilities. Besides ducts, Acesian also manufactures laboratory air flow products. Our Isolation Dampers are designed for effective shut-off and isolation of one or more tiers of filters in hazardous containment exhaust systems. In bio-hazardous environments, the dampers enable air filtration systems to be shut off for decontamination, or for filter changes. Our Ecoflow Venturi fast response variable air volume valve offers solutions for critical airflow application in laboratories which require proper directional airflow. The valve, with state-of-the-art venturi flow measurement coupled with a high accuracy flow sensor, provides real-time “true” flow feedback which is essential in critical airflow control. The valve can also be lined with FM-approved ETFE coating, which would be the ideal choice in applications involving the handling of highly flammable/corrosive fumes in exhaust systems. The coating is tested and certified for compliance with ASTM E-84 class A material standards i.e. low flame spread and low smoke development, such that its use will significantly reduce fire hazards to end users. The valve is now widely used in many laboratories in Singapore.

Information Communication Technologies

Our ICT unit has gained significant market recognition over the past four years by providing a complete range of services (including design and build audio-visual solutions, system integration and managed services) to our contractors, consultants and customers, including but not limited to the commercial, financial and education sectors. In order to meet the needs and objectives of our increasing clientele, our staff strength has grown four-fold from inception and currently stands at sixteen specialists. We are CTS certified (under the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, or AVIXA) as well as a certified HDBaseT Trainer, all of which are recognised worldwide.